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We are thrilled with the resort and our lovely room. Our travel in Bulgaria was memorable!Lori
Incredible location, with very polite and caring staff. We were able to utilise and use the facilities to a great extent. We'd like to thank the team for their continued support during our Second ZDA. It was definitely a memorable time.Stephen Phillips
Ich kenne Different Journey durch die gemeinsame Arbeit an der Publikation in Frauenpanorama: das erste Projekt mit internationalen Teilnehmern wurde in meiner Online Zeitschrift vorgestellt. Ich finde die Art und Weise, auf der das Team von Violeta Koschova nicht nur Destination für Entspannung und Arbeit, sondern die für die Deutschen unbekannte Kultur Bulgariens darstellt, einfach faszinierend. Ich bin überzeugt, dass die Idee weiter so erfolgreich umgesetzt wird und wünsche dem ganzen Team Inspiration und Energie – der Kern von Different Journey.Linda-Tabea Vehlen, Chefredakteurin, “Frauenpanorama”

Why we are different



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Journey 2021

In the land of Orpheus

In the land of Orpheus The Rhodope Mountains are one of the most beautiful and mysterious mountain ranges, not only in Bulgaria, but also in the whole of Europe. According to popular legend, the mythical singer Orpheus, a Thracian king, founder of Orphism and considered to be the greatest singer and poet in the antiquity, was born here. He enchanted people and animals with his magical music. The basis of Orphism theory is cultivation, spiritual growth and the immortality of the human soul…Following Orpheus' steps, we'll be able to enjoy breathtaking views and relax in soothing mineral water......

The Valley of roses and Thracian Kings

The air surrounding us is filled with the aroma of oil-bearing roses, lavender and peppermint… We relax in hot mineral springs, restore our energy with kundalini yoga, massages, aromatherapy, wine......

High Energy places in Pirin

In case you want to feel the powerful energy of nature- Pirin is one of the best places. Because of Pirin`s unique biodiversity and remarkable natural formations, over 40,000 hectares of the mountains are a protected area. Pirin National Park is a priceless part of the Bulgarian and world`s??? heritage, included in the program - "Man and Biosphere" of UNESCO. On April 8th 2015 Pirin was ranked one of the top 10 Natural Parks in Europe according to The Guardian. Dear friends, with our offer, you choose not just a holiday but you have the opportunity to recharge yourself at a new and higher level. You'll be able to spend a couple of days at a wonderful, dream place in the company of positive people....

Different workspace

Work and relax for a week – laptop camp in Bulgaria! Maybe you’ve already heard about the positives of outsourcing your work? It's increasing the morale, improving cohesion, and rewarding good results. Because happiness holds the key to employees' motivation - happiness is at the heart of all we do! We offer to your team/company to work remotely from a beautiful and peaceful place in Bulgaria, situated in Pirin National Park, to do daily yoga, to practice different sports activities, to have a daily breakfast and selected meals (Bulgarian cuisine is one of the tastiest in Europe), to organize cultural visits for you, to see and take part in Bulgarian folklore programs and to have fun with DJ parties......

Mystic Strandza

Strandzha - Stunned in a mystic, this is the largest protected area in Bulgaria, keeping the secrets and the footprints of ancient civilizations. Moreover, only relicts are preserved here throughout....

Thracian and wine

The wine - both in the glass or in your bath-tub –  gives you rejuvenation and refreshment. Since 3rd century BC. Homer describes Ancient Thrace as a place where wonderful wine was produced. Thanks to our program we can recuperate our bodies with the help of wine therapies which makes time stop, allowing us to look around and find ourselves in the joy of life. Because wine is not only "the best drink for your health, but also the most enjoyablemedicine amongst the medicines ... ", says Plutarch. We are also going to visit the valley of Thracian kings, where each architectural site is situated on a high energy location......

After Teacher’s footsteps

There are places in the world, where you can feel the connection with the divine, where you can feel the Earth’s energy. One of those places is Rila and 7 Rila’s 7 lakes. This mountain range is one of the energy centers of the world and one of the greatest spiritual masters of the XX century – Beinsa Duno, who is also Bulgarian, has chosen to transmit wisdom in Rila. The teacher, Peter Deunov, has started a beautiful tradition: in the summer he goes to Rila, the Seven Rila Lakes. We owe a great deal to the Master for helping us!...

Adventure destinations

Stay Different has developed a product range that is dedicated to ensuring that we offer “the best value for money” travel experiences and holidays to suit the needs of all travellers. Our philosophy is that it “shouldn’t cost the earth to see the world”. Our product range is “Affordable and Flexible”. We deliver the very best attention to detail and ensure that your holiday with Adventure Destinations is a wonderful and rewarding experience. Our aim is to make sure that your first holiday with Adventure Destinations is not your last....

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Your new hideaway - high energy places selected by our team


Waterfalls, high peaks, old forests, idyllic meadows - special places of nature where the air is so pure and saturated that you see the energy pulsing in it. They act as a natural healing center where the physical, emotional and mental state of a person is balanced in a short time.

Balances the spiritual and naturally awake the feeling of integrity.

For the beneficial influence of this type of natural energy points, the science doesn’t have answers. It is related to the fact that these energy points are powerful negative ion generators...


New adventures to awake your inner potential

Pirin 1

We offer in the program trekkings, horse riding, ATV tours, golf, canyoning, folklore evenings, DJ parties. Our team creates for you a various program that includes active recreation by climbing some of the most beautiful peaks in Europe, enjoying ATV or bike tours, riding horses, climbing waterfalls and many other emotional new experiences, musical evenings, new tastes.

All this imperceptibly releases the body and consciousness from the accumulated stress and tension, increases your tone, releases the natural flow of spontaneity and intelligence. When you feel fully balanced, you will feel your own creative potential and rediscover new strengths and opportunities within yourself.


Transforming yoga practice, massages and SPA


Yoga is unity, harmony and synchronicity of organs and systems in the body, yoga change your mind and consciousness.

Practicing yoga asanas (exercises), breathing practices and relaxations can releive the negative emotions. Yoga strengthens the physics, deeply relax and rebuild the whole body. The regular practice of yoga soothes the mind and body, strengthens the immune system and removes toxins caused by stress ...


Local food and wine


We will enjoy the unique local bulgarian cuisine, selected wines, sun-harvested fruits and vegetables. We'll immerse in the rhythms of traditional music and we will leave our senses enriched and free the physical and emotional tension with the most incredible dance therapy that you have ever participated in. Bulgarian cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines on the Balkans and among the Slavic nations. It is distinguished from the others by the excellent taste of the meals and the exceptional diversity.

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