High energy places

“If you’re finding it hard to be in the moment because you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to take a break to recharge. We all need time to rest…” Richard Branson

Why  the  ancient  holy  places,  springs  and  places  who  are  rich  of  negative  ions  can  give us power and heal?

Part 1

Waterfalls, high mountain peaks, ancient forests, fairy meadows, untouched pieces of the nature. There the air is so pure and consistent that you can see and feel the energy that beat in it. They have effect to human body and can balance its physical, emotional and mental condition.

For the beneficial, sometimes miraculous, impact of this type of natural energy points, the science has not answers. Or at least for part of it. It is related to the fact that they are powerful generators of negative ions.Science has an answer for its beneficent and sometimes miraculous impact of this type of natural energy points. Or at least a partial answer that these points are powerful generators of neutral ions.Every atom is composed of a nucleus and one or more electrons bound to the nucleus. The nucleus is made of one or more protons and typically a similar number of neutrons. The protons have a positive electric charge, the electrons have a negative electric charge, and the neutrons have no electric charge. If the number of protons and electrons are equal, that atom is electrically neutral. If an atom has more or fewer electrons than protons, then it has an overall negative or positive charge, respectively, and it is called an ION.

Electrons are over 1,800 times smaller than protons and they are therefore very easy to displace in dirty ambience.More than 700 scientific research from all over the world are categorical that surplus of positive particles is harmful for human health. Prevailing of negative ions is useful.In cities almost everything could radiate positive particles. Due to electrical tools and cables, spoil of air and so on.

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Despite that now days there is some devices that could generate ”good” particles they cannot be compared with - mainly waterfalls, seas, pine forests and thunder storms.Negative ions can calm and excite at the same time. Standing near to a waterfall, for example, only for a few minutes, we could feel the difference. It radiates opposite energy than TV. As the waterfall beams powerful Prana stream, black box beams anti Prana. Firs one is essential and can heal, and second one- can take from us part of our physical and mental health (without considering the content of TV program). It was proven by many lab researches that ion therapy can heal neural upsets and to normalize serotonin level in organism. Scientists from Israel breed bacteria such as staphylococci, streptococci and candida in an environment with negative ions. Their number decrease rapidly by 50% for 6 hours. After 24 hours their number decreased with 70%.

Denis Linn spoke about that in her book “Feng Shui for the Soul”. It can give directions that treatment with negative ions could control the illness - the author said.  Due to Dr. I. Kombluch experiments at Northeastern Hospital, and at the Frankford Hospital in Philadelphia 63% of patients suffering from hay fever or bronchial asthma "have experienced partial or total relief" from negative ion therapy.

Russian research prove that rich of negative particles area could have a remarkable effect to men`s physical efficiency. After 5 days in such environment their total physical condition was improved. After 9 days their efficiency increased by 50%. After 25 days – increased by 87%.

 "It's all too easy to miss out on the important moments in life because you're too busy staring at your phone…"

Richard Branson

 To be continued…


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