Waterfall canyons

kaniona na vodopaditeThe land of the trekking tour is 6 kilometers, displacement about 700 m, about 1800 meters above sea level.

The Eco-road passes through the very canyon made of rhyolite rocks. Because of their hardness, they have remain untouched by the water, and so great thresholds have been formed and the clear mountain waterfalls descending on them.

One of the remarkable places here is “Soskovcheto” Forest Reserve. There are many plant species in the reserve, including centuries-old spruces, white pine and the very rare Rhodope Cream.

The most beautiful part of the road are the waterfalls, who gave her the name Waterfall’s Canyon. There are 46 waterfalls, with 5 big and impressive one.

kaniona na vodopadite

When you go downstairs, the first big waterfall is the “Ropkata”. The waterfall has carved a hole in the rock and that's where his name comes from.

The second one waterfall is called “Kazanite”. After it comes the “Cascades” a really beautiful one.

And in a row, but not in beauty, are the Cascades, where the jets fall on rocks resembling small terraces.

The end of this mountain and rocky fairy is the largest waterfall of the canyon – “Orpheus”. High over 68 meters, after which the water is divided into several streams, resembling the strings of Orpheus' harp. It is as if Orpheus plays his harp and Eurydice is waiting for him.