To turn off from the Wi-fi New type of recreation: Digital detox

To turn off from the Wi-fi New type of recreation: Digital detox

According researches: constant engagement with digital connecting devices at the workplace is claimed to lead to increased stress levels and reduce productivity. Also the connecting devices’ multitasking character has a serious impact on the learning ability. Multitasking implies operating on a surface level, which only involves the short-time memory.

What is Digital detox?

The term refers to a period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic connecting devices such as smartphones and computers. It is regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress, focus more on social interaction and connection with nature in the physical world.

digital detox

Some of us are deliberately looking for opportunities to disconnect from the internet while traveling, but not everyone does it. In 2018, OnePoll marketing group published data showing that 53% of Americans never turn off their phone while traveling abroad. This phenomenon has a name – it’s called “nomophobia”.

As we now phone’s use is due to necessity – stay connected with our family, managing some tasks, searching new places to go when we are abroad, etc.  We cannot completely detach from our devices. At least 20% of people said they had checked their phones at least once per hour while they are traveling, while 14% admitted they were checking twice per hour.

Why digital detoxing is important?

Everybody knows that computing is becoming ever-present, the smartphone has become the ultimate symbol of an all-too-evident and invasive technology.

If your way of life begins to distract you from doing what you do - your job, education, relationships, anxiety, increased mindfulness, etc. you definitely need a digital detox!

The truth is that digital interaction actually poisons us - too much digital activity is harming for our health. Constant tapping onto a screen give us repetitive strain syndrome neck and back problems, WIFI signal could be harmful for our sleep. Reasons to let down for a little this digital world are evident.

So, fast from electronics!

digital detox

Yes, literally fast. Try to spend an entire week once in the spring and once in the fall with no digital devices somewhere in the nature. Avoid becoming a slave to your smartphone!

Try some daily routines:

digital detox1.Switch off your devices for set periods of time.2.Focus on the physical world – your life, family and friends – try to spend more time with them.3.Get some fresh air - spend more time in the woods, on the sea, on the park.4.Quit some of the social media platforms – clean your life from everything that takes you time.5.Sport activities - a good way to bust your mind and physique!6.Go somewhere for a few days – try to disconnect from your life – no digital world – no phones, no calls, no WIFI, no TV! Just you!

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