Pirin ultra

Pirin Ultra is a mountain ultramarathon which takes place in the heart of The Pirin Mountain in Pirin National Park.

The park is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List and offers an extremely convenient terrain for sky run as well as breathtaking  views and unique nature.

The first edition of this so-called ultra marathon was conducted in 2016 and 2017 and  accomplished great success and popularity among runners, tourists  and all mountain running fans.  With a length of 160 km and 66 km and a displacement of 10000 meters above the sea level, Pirin Ultra has undoubtedly become the toughest ultramarathon ever held  in Bulgaria.


The start of the short distance – 66K was given in October 2018 and it is the eight, final one in the Sky Extra discipline of the Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series.

Bulgaria was the host of the greatest skyrunning athletes, to compete in the amazing “Pirin” mountain.

After the 2018 edition, Pirin Ultra was included in the World Series until 2020.
The fourth edition of the race starts on September 20th and lasts till September 23rd.


The photos are taken from the Internet, Kameliya Atanasova and pirinultra.com.

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