Orpheus` flower

Orpheus flower or the “eternal” flower

The Orpheus Flower (Silivryak) - is a true miracle of nature. It has survived over two million years thanks to its incredible lifestyles. The plant has a profound anabiotic dry-resistance. Years ago, studies have proved that it is ... almost immortal.

Once it has been dried for more than 30 months, and then again aroused with water, the Orpheus flower rises and continues its normal growth. When botanists from different countries ask their Bulgarian colleagues for planting seeds of this flower, they send them a herbarium.

The biological meaning of antibiosis is an experience of physical and physiological drought and winter when, due to low temperatures, water in the soil is practically unusable for plants. This incredible ability for surviving has been developed since ancient times.

There are many legends about the mystic flower.

kaniona na vodopadite

The most popular of them tells about the love of Orpheus and the nymph Evridika. Gods divided the two lovers and the Rhodope singer decided to descend into the underground kingdom. He hoped he would make Hades and his wife, Persephone, bring him back from the shadow world. The singer's attempt to escape Evridika from the underground kingdom has failed. So she remained forever in the darkness.

Sorrowful because of his irretrievably lost love, Orpheus turned his back on all human joys and again he only lived with his songs, praying soon to go to his beloved. The tender flower was born from the tears of Orpheus in her beloved Evridika.

The flower has impressed also ancient Romans – they depicted it on one of the coins during the time of the Roman emperor Antonius Pius (138-161 ancient city of Philippopolis). On the coin is depicted the Rhodope, sitting on a rock holding the mythic flower in her right hand.