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2 june- 9 june

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A new way of resting and recovering

What we offer you?

We offer you 6 unforgettable days in incredibly Rhodopes Mountains. If there is a destination, which is worth visiting by every tourist in every season of the year, then this is certainly the Rhodopes. We’ll combine for you a valuable program including: trekking tours on high energy places, cultural visits (Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019), crystal air, unforgettable views for photography lovers, unique nature, exceptional Bulgarian local cuisine, therapies for body and face, new adventure, DJ Party and fun!

You’ll have:

  • High energetic places - preserved from ancient times
  • Unique natural creations
  • Cultural visits
  • Adventures
  • Wonderful Bulgarian cuisine
  • SPA therapies
  • Tour guide


In Bulgaria!
Rhodope Mountains are one of the most beautiful and mysterious mountains not only in Bulgaria, but throughout Europe. Known as the mountain abolished by the gods and the mountain of Orpheus. According to the most famous legend, the mythical singer Orpheus was born here.

Who is Orpheus?

Thracian king, founder of Orphism and considered to be the greatest singer and poet in the antiquity. He was enchanting people and animals with his magical music. According to ancient Greek mythology, Orpheus lived around 1 400 BC.

The basis of Orphism theory is cultivation, spiritual growth and the immortality of the human soul.


  Cultural visits
  Daily breakfast
  Tour guide


Why Bulgaria



In the Rhodope Mountains - one of the most beautiful and mysterious mountains not only in Bulgaria, but throughout Europe...

About our Team

Dear friends by choosing our proposals you select not just a travel destination and a holiday but you will come in completely new succession on different level. You could spend a few days at fantastic places surrounded by positive and happy people.

Experience the difference with adventures, delicious meals, unique itineraries and precious mind-body connections...

Trvael with us to find the balance between culture-packed, nature-engaging, healthy, invigorating, energetic one-of-a-kind adventures and wellness.


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We are thrilled with the resort and our lovely room. Our travel in Bulgaria was memorable!Lori
Incredible location, with very polite and caring staff. We were able to utilise and use the facilities to a great extent. We'd like to thank the team for their continued support during our Second ZDA. It was definitely a memorable time.Stephen Phillips
Ich kenne Different Journey durch die gemeinsame Arbeit an der Publikation in Frauenpanorama: das erste Projekt mit internationalen Teilnehmern wurde in meiner Online Zeitschrift vorgestellt. Ich finde die Art und Weise, auf der das Team von Violeta Koschova nicht nur Destination für Entspannung und Arbeit, sondern die für die Deutschen unbekannte Kultur Bulgariens darstellt, einfach faszinierend. Ich bin überzeugt, dass die Idee weiter so erfolgreich umgesetzt wird und wünsche dem ganzen Team Inspiration und Energie – der Kern von Different Journey.Linda-Tabea Vehlen, Chefredakteurin, “Frauenpanorama”