Different retreats


We offer a deep emotional and physical purification, combined with yoga practice, sunbathing, visiting high energy sites in the mountains, SPA treatments, massages and the emotions of summer music festivals.

Travellers can enjoy numerous historic sights available in the vicinity of the resort.

Our team includes experienced mountain guides. Together we will conquer some of the most beautiful peaks in the Balkans. You can fly with a hot-air balloon, paratrike - motor paraglider or hang glider. For those of you who don't bring your mountain shoes we could offer a horse ride in the beautiful countryside.

In the middle of summer you can enjoy the unique local cuisine and get absorbed in the rhythms of traditional music. You will release the physical and emotional stress, using the most incredible dance therapy you have ever experienced!

You can choose amongst a few different packages, including different suggestions for recuperating your body and soul.

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