Different company trips

All photos are taken from the event Days away for ZappiStore Limited, organized by our team

All photos are provided by Ed Salter (www.edsalter.com)


To ensure successful and creative work we have created a special formula for better work and team results:

    • We move your office to a high energy location
    • We build a secure, high-speed and secure internet connection
    • We provide technical support throughout the program period
    • We organize
      • ● Yoga practicies
      • ● Sport activities
      • ● Adventures
      • Massages and SPA
    • Your day ends with
      • ● Delicious and quality food
      • ● Outdoor Barbeque
      • ● Folklore evenings and DJ parties

    After choosing our services, customers share higher productivity, better results and more satisfaction...

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