Devin river and western Rhodopes

bulgaria-ancient-historyAlong the Devinska River in the Western Rhodopi is built an attractive eco-road, a favorite place for tourists and the residents of the town of Devin.

The eco-road starts from Struilitsa – a place famous with mineral pools. Then the road squeezes along the picturesque meanders of the river. In some places there are metal bridges which makes it possible to walk along by the river, direction its springs.

The valley of the Devinska River is a protected area. It is forbidden to: burn fire, except of some marked places, the bare felling, the construction and the displacement of non-native plant and animal species.

The total protected area is around 1 367 decares. There are also a fishing zone for Balkan trout around 3 km long.

Along Devinska river are preserved the habitat of the otter and the vild goat. On the rocks grown the Rhodopean Silversmith (Haberlea rhodopensis Friv.), The Rhodopi Mountain Mammoth (Lathrea rhodopea Dingl.), The Campanula lanata Friv. Galanthus nivalis L.) and others species.


The waterfall is extremely beautiful and it is worth to walk away to get there (around 30 min). The total length of the main eco-road "Struilitsa-Kaleto-Laka" is about 4 km. For untrained tourists (about 2-3 hours in both directions). The eco track leads to “Lakata”, where exist a medieval settlement.

Today the area is a vast meadow surrounded by beautiful peaks. At 800 meters from the meadow, up and down the slope of the mountain, you can see the ruins of the famous Rhodope fortress “Kavursko Kale” (or just Kaleto). They survived in the period of VI-XIII century; and was captured by the Turks after a long siege.

Due to insufficient funds, the fortress was not restored. It is declared a monument of culture, along with the medieval settlement in the “Laka” area. Both sites are under the protection of the Monuments of Culture and Museums Act.