Plovdiv – European capital of culture in 2019

Plovdiv - European capital of culture in 2019

The city of Plovdiv is the winner in the contest “European Capital of Culture in 2019″.

The initiative “European Capital of Culture” is one of the most prestigious contests in the field of culture in Europe. Its purpose is to contribute towards the bringing together of bridges between the people of Europe. The decision for its implementation was taken in June 1985 by The Council of Ministers of Culture of the European Union on the initiative of the then legendary Minister of Culture of Greece Mrs. Melina Mercouri.  After 1985 more than 40 cities were chosen to take part in “European Capital of Culture” – from Stockholm to Genoa, Athens to Glasgow from Krakow to Porto.

Main object of this huge event is: to highlight the richness and diversity of European cultures and the features they share, to promote greater mutual acquaintance among the European citizens and nurture a sense of belonging to the same European community.

The prize is awarded to a city for a given year. The event can bring huge benefits for cities in cultural, social and economic terms, within the year itself and beyond. It is an unique opportunity for urban renewal, for a change of their perception and promotion of the cities in Europe and internationally.

About Plovdiv:

One of the oldest cities in Europe and the second-largest city in Bulgaria. Located in the large Thracian plain between the Rhodope Mountains in the south of Bulgaria and the Balkan Range. The Maritsa River flows through the city on its way southeast before forming the Greek/Turkey border to the Aegean Sea.

Plovdiv-capital of culture

Plovdiv’s unique location on these ancient crossroads has stimulated strong cultural and political influences from East and West civilizations, and yet maintained its unique cultural identity. Being older than most of the oldest towns like Rome, Athens, Carthage or Constantinople, an almost contemporary of Troy, Plovdiv is a town built upon layers of towns and a culture developed upon layers of cultures.

Plovdiv-capital of culture

For those who want visit it:

A picturesque town, with many parks and gardens, museums and archaeological monuments. The oldest part of the city is called the Old Town, with houses from the National Revival period (18-19th century). Like an imposing open-air museum situated on the three hills of the ancient Trimontium. One of the most remarkable sights of the town, the Ancient Theater (a well-preserved Roman theater), is located there and is still used for open-air performances.

Plovdiv-capital of culture

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